If you’ve ever seen somebody stop at a stoplight and noticed that the Rams are continuing to spin, you may be wondering more about what this ring style is called. Static Rims are the most popular type of rim that is used today but the alternative to this ring style is spinning rims. This rim style has evolved significantly from its early days as a spinner cap rim to the modern spinner rim that we see today.

Earliest Spinners

The modern spinning rim was produced in the late 1980s by an entrepreneur named JD Gragg. He would go on to receive the first patent for the technology in the early 1990s. Tru Spinners were the type we’ll market from Gragg that debuted on a series of concept cars. Several wheel manufacturers would eventually copy and pay Gragg for his idea.

The oldest form of spinner wheels that occurred before Graggs full wheel spin design were floating hugs that allowed the logos and images on the inside of the rim to stay up as the wheel spun.

Latrell Sprewell

It was an episode of MTV cribs in 2001 that launched the trend of spinner rims. NBA player Latrell Sprewell showcased a style of flashy spinner rims he called Sprewell Spinners. His promotion of the wheels would eventually ignite a trend throughout the early 2000s which slowed down throughout 2010 and beyond. As many gearheads are constantly looking for ways to set themselves apart from the rest, there are still a number of companies that market and produce spinner rims in unique formats today.

In order to install most types of spinner rims, a performance or custom lift kit is often needed. Most modest spinner rims start at 22 inches but can rise to 30+ inches for trucks and SUVs.

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