Narrow passages, steep meadow paths and a farm that is just being built: these are all challenges that the Manitou telescopic handler masters on Bernd Hackl’s farm. Just a few months ago, the horse trainer moved into his new farm in Michelsneukirchen, eastern Bavaria. At present, 25-30 retired and training horses are accommodated there.

When the 7P Ranch project began, it was clear that both the redesign of the farm and the ongoing operation would necessitate the purchase of a telescopic handler. Bernd Hackl: “The Manitou is used on a daily basis for loading hay and for pushing together and loading manure”. But the Manitou telescopic handler has even more to do with the work around new paddocks, the riding arena, the indoor riding arena, the Roundpen and the construction of paths. The shovel is used to transport and distribute sand and gravel. A lifting height of around 6 meters and a load capacity of up to 2.5 tons make the MLT 625 a real all-rounder, not least due to the attachments – shovel, pallet fork and a bale spear are currently at home on the farm.

Hackl, known among others from the VOX show “Die Pferdeprofis” (The Horse Professionals), was particularly interested in simple operation and a compact machine. “We also had a telescopic handler from another manufacturer for testing on site. However, this could not keep up with the Manitou MLT 625. We would have had to find a second, smaller solution, because our paths here are sometimes very narrow and require manoeuvrability”. The MLT 625, which is only 1.81 meters wide and 2 meters high, scores with its dimensions. The 75 HP Kubota engine and the hydrostatic transmission ensure driving comfort and strong performance with low fuel consumption.

The ease of operation was also an important factor in favor of the Manitou MLT 625. After all, not only Hackl himself, but also his employees and interns drive the Manitou every day.

Sufficient ground clearance and manoeuvrability, all-wheel steering and all-wheel drive pay off when off-road. The Manitou MLT 625 also helps to build the “Extreme Trail” on the 7P Ranch. The Extreme Trail is built on a steep slope in the woods. Steps, wooden bridges and other obstacles are placed there to train the skill of the horses.

The next project for Hackl, in which the Manitou can play an active role, is the construction of species-appropriate stables with paddocks and sufficient movement possibilities for the four-legged guests.

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